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Lauren Darlene grew up around music as her birthright. Her father produced music for MC Hammer and were next door neighbors to Kurtis Blow in California. Her mother has a voice on her, Lauren watched her mom sing in church choirs inspired by her mother's outlet. Music could never get away from Lauren, as she grew older she heard melodies and hooks in her head and decided it was time to put her lyrics on paper.

When Lauren turned 16 she bought studio equipment and learned how to make beats on FL Studio, she self recorded herself on Pro Tools engineering her own music. When Lauren got the hang of recording and mixing, she started writing songs for other people. She never wanted to actually put out music. One day in the studio a close friend of Lauren, told her she had an amazing rap melodic tune and encouraged Lauren to take music seriously.

Years later, as of today Lauren who is a #multitalentedartist, worked profoundly on her craft, finding her voice in R&B/Hip Hop. Lauren knows exactly how she wants to sound and what she wants to say.

The Future Looks Bright

Right now Lauren is working with A-1 Producers, preparing for her first EP release "The Love Hour". While staying musically inclined, Lauren is also balancing her acting & music career.

Lauren Darlene is Owner of NOT AFRAID OF ART LLC.

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